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Meal Ideas

Sausages and Hot Dogs

Most hot dogs & polish sausage are already cooked meats. Just place them right into foil and into the muff pot.

For sausages like Brats, Italian, etc they need to be 50-75% pre-cooked to eliminate most of the grease.

Your sausages or hot dogs just need warming.  About 45 minutes on a ceramic pipe or 1-2 hrs on clamshell pipe should do it. Be careful though it is easy to overcook).

You can also have toasted the buns. When you stop place them right on the ceramic pipe or warm the buns up on your clamshell pipe.

Add a slice of cheese and squirt of mustard or whatever you preference is and you’re ready.



Pulled Pork Rib

Package of country style pork ribs, bone in or out, doesn't matter. Sprinkle heavily with Montreal Steak spice.  Cook in oven at 300 for 3-4 hours or in a crock pot all day.

Let them cool off and then pull all the fat.  There is no need for the fat for flavouring any more so pull all of that off and the bones (if you got the bone in ones).

Depending on how 'shredded' you want it you can pull into small pieces or larger pieces, Put in a pile on some aluminium foil. Squirt some BBQ sauce on them, wrap them up and freeze them in 2-3 person portions.
Now you can reheat take a frozen portion from you freezer and reheat them in you muff pot.  Makes a KILLER sandwich or put the meat in a tortilla, wrap in aluminium foil and put in the muff pot.  Just a small package of ribs with all the extra stuff pulled goes a long way!! 


Garlic Sausage and Perogies

Slice your garlic sausage at home.  Add sauteed onions and bacon bits with your cooked perogies before putting in your MUFF POT with your sliced sausagesPack some sour cream and you have a great meal!